How to surf some waves in Zurich this summer

The surf aficionados no longer need to catch a plane to Portugal, Bali or Australia to indulge in their passion: Starting this summer surf will be high in Zurich West too. Robert Hangartner and Thomas Eichler, two passionate surfers have brought Zurich a standing wave that is here to stay in the form of Citywave.

Catching the waves in Zurich. Image by Robert Hangartner/Flickr

As opposed to temporary surf waves that have become increasingly popular in many cities, this is a more permanent attraction. “In opting for a long-term setup, we can invest more money and time into creating a unique setting around the pool and making the surf experience even more memorable,” they explain.  Beginners and advanced surfers can enjoy the wave and the strength of the wave can be regulated.  Appointments can be booked via their website.

Located in the middle of the city of Zurich. Image by Robert Hangartner/Flickr

Surfers can book a slot in a 45-minute session for 57 Swiss francs, (€49), which includes rent for a surfboard and a surf suit.  There are never more than 10 persons per group, eight slots can be booked online and two more are reserved for walk-ins. There are sessions for advanced surfers, and sessions for beginners, where a surf guide will be there to instruct and help. For an additional 20 Francs- you can treat yourself to an early-bird morning session: this gets you a breakfast and there are no spectators at that time, so you can save your blushes if you fall off.   It is also possible to book a private session for you and up to nine friends. Entry to the spectators’ deck and the restaurant is free of charge, so you are welcome to hang out even if you don’t like to get wet.

Hangartner and Eichler are clearly excited about their young start-up. But even though they invest a lot of time to their project, they still enjoy getting their feet wet outside of the pool. Their favourite surf spots apart from Zurich? Coolangatta in Australia, Kite-Surf mekka lake Como, and Playa Guiones in Costa Rica.

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