Go on a mystery adventure from Astana to Ulaanbaatar

Planning the perfect trip often comes down to balancing the necessary itinerary that will let you hit up every spot on your bucket-list, while leaving enough time for the unexpected opportunities that could make your travels truly unforgettable.

Astana, Kazakhstan. Image by ©evgenykz/Shutterstock

Now, a new tour from the company Intrepid Travel may appeal to those who want to leave a little up to chance on their next organized tour. In fact, the new Uncharted Expedition will only tell the travellers on the journey where they will begin and end their 22-day trip. The expedition starts in Astana, Kazakhstan and ends in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, but the mystery is how you will make your way across Central Asia during the three-week period.

Gandan Monastery outside main temple in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia. Image by ©cesc_assawin/Shutterstock

According to a description of the trip, travellers won’t know where they are going, where they will stay or what they will eat, but “one day you could be hiking through the world’s most remote and breath-taking landscapes; the next, soothing your aching muscles in a sauna in the middle of nowhere”. There are a few hints about what you will get up to: guests can expect to stay in small hotels, homestays, tents and gers; travel by van, trains, on horseback and on foot; and eat home-cooked meals, campfire dinners and outdoor picnics.

Nomad riding horse at grass field with Tsambagarav mountain background. Image by coolbiere photograph/Getty Images

The group – which will include a maximum of ten travellers – will be joined by a film crew who will be documenting the experience. That’s because the group will be researching the trip alongside the company, and based on the feedback, it could be added to their ongoing itineraries.

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