Get off-the-grid in Patagonia with these pop-up camps

For those who want to get off-the-grid without giving up all their creature comforts, there are new pop-up glamping opportunities on the horizon in Chile.

The Outpost in Jeinimeni Reserve. Photo by Upscape

Outpost are a series of pop-up camps located in the remote wilderness of different areas of the country. Bookings have just launched for the first one in Patagonia which lies inside the Jeinimeni Reserve. It’s a largely uninhabited area with a variety of ecosystems to explore and which is on the doorstep of Patagonia Park.

Guests can choose three different themes for stay – photography, trekking or fly fishing – and both private and group expeditions are available. The camp itself can accommodate up to 16 people and while the surrounding area may be remote, inside the camp there are private, furnished tents and an on-site chef.

The Patagonia camp as seen from above. Photo by Upscape

Bookings are also open for Outpost Maule for October and November this year. Here you can explore the famous local wineries and food. Later in the year, the company will be opening bookings for other pop-up camps for the solar eclipses of both 2019 and 2020, and another one in Atacama, the world’s driest desert.

The concept is the brainchild of experiential travel company Upscape. “The mindset around travel has changed”, CEO Brian Pearson said in a statement. “Travelers want challenges, meaning and something not yet discovered. We were able to use our deep knowledge of the land to identify lesser-known destinations, outside of the common travelers’ route, to create places where family and friends can come together and truly explore.”

The camp in Maule Valley allows for plenty of wine-tasting. Photo by Upscape

Prices start at US$3012 (€2572) for the Maule Outpost or US$5290 (€4518) for Patagonia and they include accommodation, food and drink and speciality guides.

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